Weekly Newsletter – 11th June 2021

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Find out all latest news from Rackets Academy. We’ve got results from the UTR Under 14 & 18 Singles Tournaments last weekend and a new world ranking for our Elite star, Garv Bahl. There’s more information on our new indoor Padel courts and an interview with Mrs Miyagi’s league player, Annie Lindholmer. We’ve got details on our Indoor Summer Tennis Kids Camp and our Junior Indoor Programme and check out our Rule and Tip of the Week from Coach Inno…Read on!

UTR U14 Boys & Girls Singles Tournament – Results

Congratulations to Champion Khaled Ibrahim who beat Abhinand Aloor 6-2 6-4 in the UTR U14 Boys & Girls Singles Tournament last weekend. Well done on a fantastic tournament and thanks to everyone who took part.

UTR U18 Boys & Girls Singles Tournament – Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the UTR U18 Boys and Girls Singles Tournament last weekend. Congratulations to Idhant Kastwar who beat Adam Abboud 6-0 6-2 in the final; a fantastic performance from both boys throughout the tournament.

Rackets Academy Elite Player, Garv Bahl obtains new world ranking

We are proud to announce that Rackets Academy Elite Player, Garv Bahl pushed his ranking to 317 in the world last weekend, following his victory in the ITF Tournament. Garv, 16, made the semi-finals of Grade 5 ITF, going on to win Grade 4 final 6-0 7-5 last weekend, making him the only boy from the UAE so far to win a tournament on the ITF Grade 4 World Tennis Tour Juniors. You have a successful future ahead of you Garv and we can’t wait to see you go far in the world of tennis!

Indoor Padel Court Open’s Tomorrow!

We are delighted to inform you that our indoor Padel court at Madinat Arena is now open! The cost of the court is AED 400 for 90 minutes and can be reserved via our mobile app, but early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment.

Indoor Summer Tennis Camp – sign up TODAY!

Thinking about how to keep your kids active over the Summer? We have just the answer! Sign them up to our Indoor Tennis Camp to keep them entertained, have fun, stay active and burn off some energy whilst improving their tennis game.

Age: 4-16 years

Dates: July 11th – August 26th

Timings: Sun – Thurs, 8.30am – 1pm

Price: AED 175 per day or AED 799 per week

Book early to secure your child’s place, sibling discount available. WhatsApp 052 992 8595 or email info@racketsacademy.ae.

Junior Indoor Programme

We are excited to offer our fully air-conditioned indoor mini tennis courses throughout the week at our Madinat Arena venue. With 3 tennis courts, 2 Padel courts, plus a mini-red and an orange court, we have a programme for kids of all ages:

  • Mini Red –  4-8 years
  • Orange –  8-9 years
  • Green – 10-11 years

Our classes run Monday through to Thursday: Red – 4pm, Orange – 5pm, Green – 6pm. Friday and Saturday:  Red – 9am, Orange – 10am, Green – 11am.

Featuring shorter courts, lower nets, smaller rackets and soft, low-bouncing balls, Mini Tennis provides the perfect introduction to tennis for young children. There are three stages of Mini Tennis; Red, Orange and Green – each with their own court size and ball-type. This tailored approach enables players to develop vital skills and techniques at an early age, Rackets academy have produced elite performance players for 8 years using this system.

For more information or to sign your child up for lessons,  contact coach Dean on 050 359 5967.

Interview with Annie Lindholmer

This week’s interview is with our lovely Rackets Academy Ladies League Player, Annie Lindholmer.

1. Who is your favourite professional player?

Andre Agassi (with hair)

2. Who is your favourite Rackets Academy Coach?


3. Why do you love tennis?

You get great exercise, mental focus, and socialising. Just hitting the ball releases all the stress from life.

4. How did you get into tennis?

My dad put me in a tennis academy so that I could be a better sub on Sunday mornings when his partner cancelled.

5. How long have you been playing tennis for?

I played in the academy for a year just before high school. Then I stopped sports to focus on song writing and playing in bands. So a big gap until I picked up the racket again which was Nov 2019.

6. List 3 things you like about Rackets Academy:

  1. Everyone is so friendly and RA gives the feel of a second family.
  2. All the coaches I’ve met are fun, inspiring and professional.
  3. The Ladies League and to be part of team Rackettes!

Rule of the Week

While playing without an UMPIRE learn to RESPECT your opponent calls. 

Coach Inno’s Tip of the Week: Get the right Forehand grip

“Despite often being overlooked, how you grip a tennis racket is one of the most important aspects of the game. The majority of professional players use a grip known as ‘continental’ on their serves and volleys. The simplest way to achieve this grip is to simply pick up the racket and hold it as if you’re shaking hands, the knuckle of your index finger should be on the top right bevel (angle) of the racket. For groundstrokes however, the most common grip is called ‘semi-western’. Simply move your index finger knuckle round to the bottom right bevel of the racket. The majority of professionals use this grip because it imparts a much greater amount of topspin on the ball, bringing more power and control. …Good luck!“

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