Weekly Newsletter – 11th October 2019

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Hope you’ve had a great week. Here’s all the latest news from Rackets Academy. Find out who our Player of the Week is and how our ladies got on in the first week of the Larte Ladies Doubles League. We have results from week one of the Inter Club Ladies Doubles League as well as from the Mixed Doubles Tournament last weekend. Check out our Tip & Rule of the Week from Coach Sam and find out What’s New at the club…Read on! 

Player of the Week

This week’s Player of the Week goes to Leo Allcorn. Leo receives this award for his attitude in defeat last week at the Future Pro Tournament. Well done Leo, you’re a credit to the club, we are really proud of you 🙂

What’s New?

We are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Gulf United Academy. Our new football partner is a team of FA Qualified British Coaches with over 50 years’ experience in over 10 countries. They are launching a development programme of fun football sessions aimed specifically at ages 4 to 14. Their focus is on progress, engagement, teamwork and staying active!

We chose Gulf United Academy as a partner as they share our philosophies on development. The player’s progress is consistently monitored to ensure each player is constantly improving in all aspects of football. GUA provides tailored coaching programs for kids aged 4 and above of all abilities, boys and girls. Each stage of development is predetermined from working on physical attributes at an early age to the introduction of the key technical fundamentals of control, passing, dribbling and shooting. As the long-term goal, they boast a 100% scholarship placement record and have links to the professional game.

Most importantly, just as we love tennis, Gulf United Academy lives, breathes and sleeps football. There is a passion for the game all over the world but not access to high-quality coaching. Gulf United’s mission is to create a brighter future for young players through the power of football.

Upcoming Tournaments

Check out our tournaments that are taking place over the next few weeks. To sign up, call 052 992 8595 TODAY or email register@racketsacademy.ae:

Friday 11th October, 5pm – Red Ball Tournament – Rackets Academy, Motor City

Friday 11th Oct – 13th Dec 2019 – Rackets Academy Mid-Term Men’s Singles Championships

Friday 18th October, 5pm – U12 Singles Tournament – Rackets Academy, Motor City

Mixed Doubles Tournament Results

Thanks and well done to everyone who took part in our Mixed Doubles Tournament last weekend. Congratulations to our Champions Maaren Olander-Doyle and Sven Backhaus who beat Michaela and Martin Masek 6-3 in the final and winning a brunch for two at Larte Restaurant in Studio City. A special shout out to Anna & Nick and Sarah & Karim for reaching the Semi-Finals.   

Rule of the Week

Order of serving should be decided at the beginning of each set as follows; The pair who have to serve in the first game of each set shall decide which partner will serve first and the opposition shall decide similarly for the second game. The partner of the player who served in the first game shall serve in the third, the partner of the player who served in the second game shall serve in the fourth, and so on in the same order in all the subsequent games of a set.

Coach Sam’s Tip of the Week: Changing ball direction

“Changing directions when a ball is inside the court or weak to the outside: Don’t change direction on good quality outside balls or those that cross your body, change of direction should be happening at the right moment when you feel you have properly constructed the point. Not allowing the opponent to gain control of the court and changing direction at the wrong moment can leave your court open. Good luck!”

Rackets Academy Ladies League: Season 4, Week 1 Results

A fantastic start to the ladies league with some amazing tennis played. Well done to Full Metal Rackets, Rackettes, Slice Girls and The Aces for winning their matches in week 1 of the league. See scores below.

Congratulations to Alisa Shaposhnikova who is our Larte Ladies League Player of the Week for week 1. Alisa won a brunch for two at Larte Restaurant in Studio City for a great performance in her first ever match! Well done Alisa!


Baseliners vs Full Metal Rackets

Line 1: 0-6 2-6 (winner: Full Metal Rackets)

Line 2: 2-6 3-6 (winner: Full Metal Rackets)

Overall Winner: Full Metal Rackets

Rackettes vs Venus Angels

Line 1: 7-6 6-1 (winner: Rackettes)

Line 2: 6-1 6-2 (winner: Rackettes)

Overall Winner: Rackettes


Slice Girls vs Team Kirk

Line 1: 7-5 2-1 retired (winner: Slice Girls)

Line 2: 6-4 6-4 (winner: Slice Girls)

Overall Winner: Slice Girls

The Aces vs Team Simon

Line 1: 6-3 3-6 10-3 (winner: The Aces)

Line 2: friendly match

Overall Winner: The Aces

Inter Club Ladies Doubles League (ILDL), series 19 Results

Week 2 of the ILDL was challenging for our ladies to say the least, with a difficult game against T360 for Rackets 2 and sickness and injury for Rackets 1. Well done ladies for doing your best and staying focused…. It’s onwards and upwards from now on!

Division A

Rackets 2 vs T360

Line 1: 3-6 1-6 (winner: T360)

Line 2: 3-6 4-6 (winner: T360)

Overall winner: T360

JBH vs Rackets 1

Line 1: 7-5 6-1 (winner: JBH)

Overall Winner: JBH

Division B

T360 vs Rackets

Line 1: 4-6 7-5 10-4 (winner: T360)

Line 2: 3-6 1-6 (winner: Rackets)

Overall Winner: Rackets

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