Weekly Newsletter – 12th November 2020

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Hope you’ve had a great week! Check out all the latest news from Rackets Academy. Find out who’s been awarded Player of the Week and get results from last weekend’s tournaments. We’ve got an interview with Izabela Sobczak and results from Week 6 of our Mrs Miyagis Ladies League. Check out our Rule and Tip of the Week from Coach Wiktoria and take a look at our upcoming tournaments …Read on!

Player of the Week

Congratulations to Heather Drake who is our Mrs Miyagis League Player of the Week. Heather was voted by the coaches after she played the best match of her life last week against Queens of the Court who are currently top of the league. Congratulations Heather on your outstanding performance!  

Mixed Doubles Tournament – Results

Thanks and well done to everyone who took part in our Mixed Doubles Tournament last weekend. Congratulations to our Champions Izabela Sobczak and Antoine Harb who beat Walid Khalid and Silvy Malek 7-5 in the final! Well done on a fantastic tournament!

UTR U13 Invitational Singles – Results

Congratulations to Enzo Kahi who beat Timur Gordeev 6-4 5-7 10-2 in what was a fantastic semi-final match last weekend. Well done boys and congratulations Enzo! Good luck to Youssef and Enzo who will go head to head for the trophy this weekend!

UTR U14 Boys Singles Finals – Results

Congratulations to our Champion Dev Kanbargimath who beat Jozef Kottor 7-6 6-1 in the finals of the UTR U14 Boys Singles event last weekend! A fantastic performance throughout the tournament, well done Dev!

UTR Men’s Invitational Singles – Results

Well done to all participants of the UTR Men’s Invitational Singles event last weekend. Good luck to Omar Alawadhi and Garv Bahl who will play in the final this Friday at Motor City 2pm.

Quarter Finals

O Alawadhi beat B Kendall 6-1 6-1

H Thabet beat M Hussain 6-2 6-2

G Bahl beat A Hazem 6-1 4-2

M Zubov beat A Al Janahi (withdrew)

Semi Finals

O Alawadhi beat H Thabet 6-1 6-0

G Bahl beat M Zubov 6-3 1-0 ret

U16 Boys UAE Ranking Event – Results

Well done to all the boys who took part in the U16 Boys UAE Ranking event last weekend. Please see results for Quarter and Semi-Finals below. Good luck to Jozef vs Aryan who play for the trophy in the final this weekend.

Quarter Finals

Jozef Kottor beat Karl Mouchantaf 6-4 6-1

Dev Kanbargimath beat Idhant Kastwar 6-2 6-1

Aryan Nanda beat Adam Abboud 6-3 6-0

Marc Hemaya beat Kaushik Kumar 3-6 6-4 10-5

Semi Finals

Jozef Kottor beat Dev Kanbargimath 3-6 6-1 ret

Aryan Nanda beat Mark Hemaya 7-5 2-6 10-8

Upcoming Tournaments

Check out our tournaments that are taking place over the next few weeks. To sign up, call 052 372 4224 TODAY or email register@racketsacademy.ae. To see the full tournament schedule for the term click here.

Fri 13th & Sat 14th November – UTR U14 Boys & Girls Singles, Rackets Academy, Motor City

Fri 20th & Sat 21st November– U18 Boys & Girls UAE Ranking Event, RA, Motor City

Fri 27th & Sat 28th November – UTR U17 Boys & Girls Singles, Sofitel & RA, Motor City

Fri 4th & Sat 5th December  – UTR U13 Boys & Girls Singles, Rackets Academy, Motor City

Sun 13th Dec – Sat 2nd Jan – 30K Rackets Academy Head Championships, RA Motor City

Mrs Miyagi’s Ladies League: Season 6 – Results

Well done to all everyone who played in Week 6 of our Mrs Miyagi’s Ladies League. Congratulations to Passing Shots, Queens of the Court, The Aces and Bulldogs who won their matches. See scores below.

Division A

Queens of the Court vs Baseliners

Line 1: 6-1 6-2 (winner: Queens of the Court)

Line 2: 3-6 6-2 10-8 (winner: Queens of the Court)

Overall Winner: Queens of the Court

Passing Shots vs The Match Makers

Line 1: 6-0 6-1 (winner: Passing Shots)

Line 2: 6-4 2-6 12-10 (winner: Passing Shots)

Overall Winner: Passing Shots

Division B

The Aces vs The Mentalists

Line 1: 6-7 (8-6) 6-2 (winner: The Aces)

Line 2: 4-6 6-0 10-6 (winner: The Aces)

Overall Winner: The Aces

Bulldogs vs Simon’s Samurai

Line 1: 6-1 6-0 (winner: Bulldogs)

Line 2: 6-3 6-0 (winner: Bulldogs)

Overall Winner: Bulldogs

Interview with Izabela Sobczak

This week’s interview is with our Mrs Miyagis League player, Izabela Sobczak.

1. Who is your favourite professional player (male & female)?

Djokovic and Halep but lately also our Polish star Iga Swiatek

2. Who is your favourite Rackets Academy Coach?

No doubts – of course Coach Wiktoria 😍

3. Why do you love tennis?

I love tennis because I enjoy socializing with other players. It’s also a pleasant workout which I’m eager to do without forcing myself.

4. How did you get into tennis?

After watching my sons playing tennis I decided to try it and I fell in love immediately.

How long have you been playing tennis for?

10 years

List 3 things you like about Rackets Academy  

  1. 1. Friendly and fun atmosphere
  2. 2. Good courts and location
  3. 3. Surrounded by lots of nice people – both coaches and players

Rule of the Week: Hitting Point in the Front

Make sure that your hitting point is always in the front. When the ball goes long or high, move backwards making sure you hit the ball in the front, while your forehand and backhand hand(s) are straight. When the ball is short ,move forward and don’t let the ball go too low or too high. On the forehand, help yourself with your other hand and point the ball to hit in the exact place. Your position should be sideways!

Coach Wiktoria’s Tip of the Week

“Enjoy what you do and be grateful for the opportunity. If tennis is what you love doing enjoy your time on court to the full! Smile, be happy and have fun; that’s what it’s all about. …Good luck!“                     

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