Weekly Newsletter – 14th June 2020

Dear Member,

Hope you’ve had a good week and are keeping well. Following the storms that hit last month, work to repair damage at our Rackets Academy HQ in Motor City is now complete. A big thank you to the legend that is Lito for all his hard work in getting the club looking great again!

Check out ‘What’s New’ at the club and find out how to order your club hoodie. Lastly, this week’s Rule and Tip of the Week is from Coach Sarah…Read on! 

Order your personalised Rackets Academy hoodie today!

Our lovely new personalised Rackets Academy hoodies are now available for ladies teams and elite players for just AED 135. Simply WhatsApp 052 992 8595 to place your order.

What’s New?

Rackets, camera, action….

Racket Academy’s vision is to create a balance between skill development, competition, camaraderie and fun that enables juniors and adults to develop a healthy and successful relationship to competitive tennis and sports in general. We hope to spread our vision to others and make them appreciate the sport that we all love. Check out our new video here.

More tennis balls for our canine friends at Petsville!

Earlier this month we got another chance to give our canine friends at Petsville some treats. Used balls from Rackets Academy were sent to The Sustainable City’s dog park as little toys for our friends.

Rule of the Week

Perhaps it’s not an official rule of tennis on how you can demonstrate extraordinary sportsmanship, however it’s what sport is mainly about; competitions that never lose any morals.

Examples of this include; giving a right call to your opponent even if the chair umpire ruled it in your favour, applauding a great shot by your opponent, rushing to them in case of a fall or an injury, following up if it’s severe, smiling at them before and after a match. Great players are always remembered by their ethics!

Coach Sarah’s Tip of the Week: Muscle Memory

“It’s been a while since you’ve been on court! This has been the case with tennis players all around the world. Rest assured, muscle memory from tennis cannot be easily forgotten even after many years. So first time to hit, or even second or third time, the main focus should be getting the feeling back. Start slowly and with high consistency. Give it a laugh rather than frustration, if you feel your footwork is not helping, or the reflexes are not even working, it’s totally fine. Divert your focus into hitting the ball from your side… Good luck!“

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