Weekly Newsletter – 16th September 2020

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Hope you’ve had a great week! Here’s all the latest news from Rackets Academy. There’s still time to sign up for lessons if you’ve not done so already and our Tournament Schedule is now out. Find out when & where our Social Nights are taking place each week and learn more about our Stringing Service. We have a Player Interview with the lovely Nicola Keeling and check out Coach Moro’s Rule & Tip of the Week… Read on!

Sign up for lessons TODAY!

Sign up for lessons today, there’s still some places for this term across all our venues! Click here for information on all our programmes and a list of our locations can be found here. Get in touch with your coach to book your lesson or email register@racketsacademy.ae.

Upcoming Tournaments

Check out our tournaments that are taking place over the next few weeks. To sign up, WhatsApp 052 372 4224 TODAY or email register@racketsacademy.ae. To see the full tournament schedule for the term, click here.

Fri 2nd October – Mixed Doubles Tournament, Rackets Academy, Motor City

Fri 9th & Sat 10th Oct – Boys & Girls Singles UAE Ranking Event, Rackets Academy, Motor City

Adult Social Nights – Now 5 nights a week!

Just a reminder that our Adult Social Nights are now running 5 nights a week (see timetable below). These sessions are a great opportunity to come down and play with other people. Everyone is welcome; we play singles and doubles matches across 4 courts. It’s a great way to meet people and play socially. Sign up via our App.

Monday’s 8.30-10.15pm – Motor City

Tuesday’s 8-10pm – Al Barari

Wednesday’s 8.30-10.15pm – Motor City

Thursday’s 8.30-10pm – Motor City

Friday’s 7-9pm – Motor City

Mrs Miyagis Ladies League starts next week!

Our Mrs Miyagis Ladies League starts next week! There will be 4 teams in each league (A and B) with each team playing each other 3 times! Click here for the schedule. Good luck ladies and here’s to a great season!

Rackets Academy Stringing Service

Rackets Academy now offers a professional tennis racket stringing service. We have a high level of experience, having strung rackets for over 20 years from beginners to professional players. With a range of high quality strings, or you can supply your own if you wish, we will bring the best out of your racket. Grip replacement service is also available. For more information, please WhatsApp 052 992 8595.

Order your personalised Rackets Academy hoodie today!

Our lovely new personalised Rackets Academy hoodies are now available for ladies teams and elite players for just AED 150. Simply WhatsApp 052 992 8595 to place your order.

Player interview – Nicola Keeling

Each week we will be interviewing one of our Ladies League or Elite players. This week it’s our lovely Ladies League player, Nicola Keeling…

1.Who is your favourite professional player?

My favourite professional player would have to be Roger Federer as he has the most amount of amazing shots in the history of the game. I often watch YouTube clips of incredible tennis shots and Roger has the most footage than any other player. But as a Brit, I have huge respect and admiration for Andy Murray for what he’s achieved as a Scottish player reaching the top of world tennis. When Andy won Wimbledon for the first time I was literally screaming at every point. He changed history and paved the way for U.K. tennis!  My favourite female tennis player of all time would be Steffi Graf as she played with such grace whilst never losing her temper (something I can only aspire to!)

2. Who is your favourite Coach at Rackets Academy?

My favourite Rackets coach… well that’s a tricky one as they’re all amazing (haha)! Every coach at Rackets Academy is always friendly to everyone whether you’re in their team or not!! If I had to choose I’d pick Moro as he’s been great with my previous team coaching us to win the league in the last series and is popular with both the adults and kids.

3. Why do you love tennis?

I love tennis because there’s no other sport where a great game only comes when all players are engaged and playing well. There’s nothing better than amazing rallies where all players attack and defend in one point! I love the team work in doubles with the angles generated and covering the court as a pair.

4. When did you start playing tennis?

I got into tennis at the age of 20 (5 years ago 😬) to play a sport for fitness but also as a way of playing a social sport.

5. List 3 things you like about Rackets Academy

A) The coaches, members and management have been so welcoming all contributing to a friendly club vibe! 

B) The facilities are fantastic with five well maintained courts set in beautiful surroundings including paddle tennis and a social area to mix off court.

C) There is something for everyone whether you’re a beginner starting out or a higher level league player looking for competitive matches – everyone has equal opportunities.

Nicola: “Not my favourite player, but sadly stalking Novak at Christmas reaped the rewards!” (see pic)

Rule of the Week

Usually a player or his/her racket can’t cross over the plane of the net; however, a player can follow through with a swing across the net only when first making contact with the ball on his/her side.

Coach Moro’s Tip of the Week: Racket in front for volleys

“When you’re practicing volleys, avoid making a long backswing with the racket. That’s a common mistake, and when that happens, most of the time you end up hitting the ball from a blind spot and also lose any kind of leverage. Instead, try to meet the ball with your racket in front of your body, similar to doing a high five. Give it a go…Good luck!“

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