Weekly Newsletter – 21st November 2019

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Hope you’ve had a great week! Here’s all the latest news from Rackets Academy. Find out who our Players of the Week are and how our ladies got on in week 7 of the Larte Ladies League. We have results from week 8 of the Inter Club Ladies Doubles League and from our Under 12 Tournament last weekend. Check out our Rule and Tip of the Week from Coach James and find out What’s New at the club. Don’t forget to sign up for the Green Ball Tournament tomorrow if you’ve not done so already…Read on! 

Players of the Week

This week’s Players of the Week go to Michaela Maskova and Alina Lenton. Michaela and Alina won their first Division A match in the ILDL Ladies Doubles League following an amazing performance on court. Congratulations Michaela and Alina on this well-deserved award!

What’s New?

Rackets Academy turned 3 last week; what a fantastic 3 years we’ve had! We’d like to thank all of our members for your continued support enabling us to grow to become one of the largest tennis academies in Dubai, offering classes across a large number of locations… with more to come. Watch this space!!

Rackets Academy Winter Championships – Sign up TODAY!

Calling all men, women, boys and girls to put your skills to the test once again in the Rackets Academy Winter Championships for a chance to WIN AED 20,000 prize money! Don’t delay, sign up today! See below for more details:

  • Date: 15th December 2019 – 4th January 2020
  • Entry fees in accordance with Tennis Emirates Regulations
  • Multiple category entries allowed
  • Matches will be played across different Rackets Academy Venues


Men’s Singles & Doubles

Women’s Singles & Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Men’s Over 35’s

Under 18 Boys & Girls Singles

Under 16 Boys & Girls Singles

Under 16 Boys Doubles

Under 14 Boys & Girls Singles

Under 12 Boys & Girls Singles

Under 10 Boys & Girls Singles

To register, email you name and mobile number to: register@racketsacademy.ae. Places are limited, so sign up TODAY for a chance to WIN AED 20,000 prize money!

Upcoming Tournaments

Check out our tournaments that are taking place over the next few weeks. To sign up, call 052 992 8595 TODAY or email register@racketsacademy.ae:

Friday 22nd November, 4pm – Green Ball Tournament, Rackets Academy, Motor City

Friday 29th November, 4pm – Red Ball Tournament, Al Barari

Under 12 Tournament Results

Thanks and well done to all 18 boys and girls who took part in our Under 12 Tournament last weekend. Congratulations to our Champion Kaushik Arun who beat Timur Gordeev 4-2 in the final. Both boys played exceptionally well throughout the tournament. Well done to you both and congratulations to Kaushik for taking home the trophy!  

Rule of the Week: Continuous Play

Dealing with rules within a “Social” tennis environment:

Play should be continuous from the first service until the match is concluded but within your local tennis club it is about knowing how to apply the rules and not just knowing them. You will definitely gain respect from partners and opposition if you show you understand the etiquette of high class tennis.

Most people are a little fuzzy about the rules, just knowing a bit more regarding some of the fringe rules will give you confidence when problems arise. Above all make sure you understand how to get the balance right for your environment. Generally speaking the more competitive the situation the more important to keep closer to the rule book but great sportsmanship is a great quality to be recognized for.

Coach James’ Tip of the Week: Dealing with a line call dispute

“It’s never easy when you think you’ve been given a bad line call. It’s also never easy when you’re accused of giving a bad line call! But you have to remember we all change a little when we get competitive, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse and our eyesight can change with it!!

When you are next in this awkward position, don’t make an accusation of your opponent, simply state what you saw. “I saw the ball land on the line” or “I clearly saw the ball as out”. If your opponent has chosen to make a bad call then nothing will change, if they have made a genuine mistake then they are only human like yourself. Ask the opponent to replay the point if they are not sure. “ I clearly saw the ball hit the line, will you please replay the point?” If this approach is used on you then you have the choice to reconsider your call and agree or refuse if you are certain.

Being clear is never going to create as big an argument as making accusations that your opponent is cheating, which is certain to create problems, which you will most likely have to resolve off the court when the match is over and that can be far more unpleasant than being decisive on the court at the time of the dispute. You just never know when you’re going to bump into that person again, at a party or in the supermarket, so deal with it correctly at the time and you will hold the higher moral ground.

Remember we all see what we want to see and no one is perfect at line calls, not even the pros. Professionals in the tour are incorrect with Hawkeye challenges 54% of the time! Good luck!“

Rackets Academy Larte Ladies League: Season 4, Week 7 Results

Well done to all the ladies who played in Week 7 of the league. Congratulations to Full Metal Rackets, Bull Dogs and Slice Girls for winning their matches. See scores below.

Congratulations to Tracy Kotecha who is our Larte Ladies League Player of the Week for week 7. Tracy wins a brunch for two at Larte Restaurant in Studio City. She was voted for Player of the Week by the coaches after winning her first match following serious knee surgery and only a month since she started hitting balls again. Truly inspiring…well done Tracy!


Full Metal Rackets vs Baseliners

Line 1: 6-4 6-1 (winner: Full Metal Rackets)

Line 2: 7-6 6-0 (winner: Full Metal Rackets)

Overall Winner: Full Metal Rackets


Bull Dogs vs Team Simon

Line 1: 6-4 6-3 (winner: Bull Dogs)

Line 2: 6-4 6-1 (winner: Bull Dogs)

Overall winner: Bull Dogs

Slice Girls vs Team Kirk

Line 1: 7-6 6-3 (winner: Slice Girls)

Line 2: friendly

Overall winner: Slice Girls

Inter Club Ladies Doubles League (ILDL), series 19 Results

Well done to our ladies who played in Week 8 of the ILDL league. Congratulations to Rackets 1 who won their match.

Division A

Rackets 1 vs Rackets 2

Line 1: 6-4 6-2 (winner: Rackets 1)

Line 2: 6-0 6-4 (winner: Rackets 1

Overall winner: Rackets 1

Division B

Rackets vs Clark Francis

Line 1: 6-7 5-7 (winner: Clark Francis)

Line 2: 6-4 2-6 10-7 (winner: Rackets)

Overall winner: Clark Francis

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