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Here’s all the latest news from Rackets Academy. Find out who our Players of the Week are and how our ladies got on in Week 5 of the doubles league. We have results from the ILDL ladies doubles league and a Tip & Rule of the Week from Coach Innocent. Find out ‘What’s New’ at the club and don’t forget to sign up to our Orange Ball Tournament this weekend. Read on!


Players of the Week

Congratulations to our Players of the Week, Emma Medlock and Gertruud Boekel. Emma and Gertruud receive this award for their fantastic performance in their doubles match last week. Great effort ladies!


What’s New?

Rackets Academy are going international!! Our elite players are travelling to Northern France to play a number of French National Ranking Tournaments. The team, lead by Coach Mariano, will travel for two weeks in mid July, competing and representing Rackets Academy. We will keep you updated on how they get on! Good Luck Team!


Upcoming Tournaments

Check out our tournaments that are taking place over the next few weeks. To sign up, call 052 992 8595 TODAY or email register@racketsacademy.ae:

Friday 24th May, 5pm – Orange Ball Tournament – Rackets Academy, Motor City

Friday 31st May, 5pm – Green Ball Tournament – Rackets Academy, Motor City


Rule of the Week; Rules on Let

The serve is a let if:

  1. The served ball touches the net, strap or band, and lands in the correct court.
  2. The served ball touches the net, strap or band and then touches the receiver, the receiver’s partner or anything they wear or carry before hitting the ground.
  3. The ball is served when the receiver is not ready.

When it is a let serve, that particular serve does not count and the server shall serve again. However a let serve does not cancel the previous fault.


Coach Innocent’s Tip of the Week: What to do with an aggressive return

“One of the key tennis tips for doubles is to react properly to an aggressive return. In case the receiver’s return is powerful enough that the serving team needs to attack, the receiver and the partner should position themselves in a volley position while moving forward in the centre of the service box making sure that both sides of the net are covered. If the receiver’s return hits down the line, then both the receiver and the partner should cover down the line side of the net.

At this stage, the server’s partner is vulnerable in his volleying position (near the net as mentioned above) so he has to move a further back and wait for the receiver’s team return. The server has to move left to get the ball so the partner has to go in the same direction to cover the gap between them. Too large a gap between each partner can make the team vulnerable, as the opponent will surely attack down the middle or in between you and your partner. Good luck!”


Rackets Academy Ladies League, Season 3 – Results

Well done to all the ladies who played in week 5 of our ladies doubles league and congratulations to Full Metal Rackets, Baseliners and Slice Girls who won their matches!



Full Metal Rackets vs Tennisity

Line 1: 6-4 6-0 (winner: Full Metal Rackets)

Line 2: 6-1 6-0 (winner: Full Metal Rackets)

Overall Winner: Full Metal Rackets



Baseliners vs Bulldogs

Line 1: 6-0 6-3 (winner: Baseliners)

Line 2: 6-3 6-0 (winner: Baseliners)

Overall winner: Baseliners

Slice Girls vs The Aces

Line 1: 6-3 7-6 (winner: Slice Girls)

Line 2: 6-0 6-4 (winner: Slice Girls)

Overall Winner: Slice Girls


Inter Club Ladies Doubles League (ILDL), series 18 results

Well done to our ladies who took part in their matches for the ILDL league last week, in which both divisions won their matches. Great effort ladies, congratulations to you all!


Division A

Rackets Academy vs Safa Park

Line 1: 6-7 6-1 2-10 (winner: Safa Park)

Line 2: 6-2 6-3 (winner: Rackets Academy)

Overall winner: Rackets Academy


Division B

Rackets Academy vs DLC

Line 1: 2-6 6-7 (winner: DLC)

Line 2: 7-5 6-0 (winner: Rackets Academy)

Overall winner: Rackets Academy


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