Weekly Newsletter – 25th October 2019

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Here’s all the latest news from Rackets Academy. Find out who our Player of the Week is and how our ladies got on in week 3 of the Larte Ladies League. We have results from week 4 of the Inter Club Ladies Doubles League and from the Under 12 Singles Tournament last weekend. Check out our Tip & Rule of the Week from Coach Kris and find out What’s New at the club…Read on! 

Player of the Week

This week’s Player of the Week goes to Enzo Kahi. Enzo receives this award for his amazing performance in his match against Desert Palm last Thursday. Well done Enzo, keep up the great work!

What’s New?  

The Gulf United Academy Taster Sessions at Fitness First Mudon were a great success with over 50 kids attending. The term will start next Tuesday and will run every week:

Location: Fitness First – Mudon

Term Dates: 29th Oct – 10th Dec (7 weeks)


4-5pm = 4-7 yrs

5-6pm = 8-12 yrs

Price: AED 700 AED for Fitness First members & existing Rackets Academy clients (AED 770 for non-members)

Kick start your football journey with Gulf United Academy in association with Rackets Academy. To book a place for your child email gua@racketsacademy.ae or call 052 992 8595.

Next week’s FREE Taster Session is at Sustainable City on the grass pitch on Thursday 31st October 4-6pm… it’s a Halloween special!

Upcoming Tournaments

Check out our tournaments that are taking place over the next few weeks. To sign up, call 052 992 8595 or whats app the Tournament Phne on +97152 372 4224 TODAY or email register@racketsacademy.ae:

Friday 25th October, 5pm – Green Ball Tournament – Rackets Academy, Motor City

Friday 1st November, 4pm – Orange Ball Tournament – Rackets Academy, Motor City

Under 12 Singles Tournament Results

Well done to everyone who took part in our Under 12 Singles Tournament last weekend. Congratulations to our Champion Hector Monchau who beat Raed Rizvie 4-3 (4) in the final. Well done boys; a fantastic performance from both of you.   

Rule of the Week: Communication in Doubles

Communication is essential in doubles tennis. As the tennis ball travels from one end of the court to the other end of the court, only one competitor on that team can hit the ball each time it is returned over the net. For instance, if you and your team mate attempt to return the same ball and both of your rackets touch the ball, the point is awarded to the other team. However, if only one of the rackets touch the ball, game play continues until a team wins that point.

The game is doubles, but that does not imply that competitors must take turns striking the ball. In fact, after the serve a competitor for a team may decide to cover the entire court and execute every return in an effort to win a point. With the exception of returning serves, that is well within the rules and guidelines in regards to doubles tennis. Every now and then that may be necessary, but if this competitor habitually covers the entire court – expect an aggravated response from his or her team mate.

Coach Kris’ Tip of the Week: Use two handed Backhand

“Players who hit a two handed backhand have to get in more precise position then players with a one hander. This would seem to make it more difficult to execute but in most cases it actually helps the players use the correct footwork which can make this shot a weapon.

If your opponent hits the ball very wide to your backhand side, remind yourself to move to the ball as if you are going to hit your two handed backhand even if you may not be able to reach it. This will get you moving to the ball quickly and allow you to hit your regular shot most of the time. You can always let go with your non-dominant hand and hit a slice or a block if it just isn’t possible to reach it with two hands on the racquet. Thinking you are going to hit a slice or a one-hander in this situation tends to make you move slower and with not as much urgency. It is better to use the slice more often when it is a less difficult ball and use the two-hander on the run.

Watch Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal when they get in this situation and notice how well they move to the ball to hit the two-handed backhand. You may not be able to duplicate their movement but you can use there mentality to hit a more effective shot on the run. Good luck!”

Rackets Academy Larte Ladies League: Season 4, Week 3 Results

Well done to all the ladies who played in Week 3 of the league and congratulations to Rackettes, Venus Angels, Slice Girls and Team Kirk for winning their matches. See scores below…

Congratulations to Steph Edwards who is our Larte Ladies League Player of the Week for week 3. Steph wins a brunch for two at Larte Restaurant in Studio City. She was voted for Player of the Week for her fantastic performance in her match last week and the player with most improvement on her serve, as voted for by 3 of our coaches. Well done Steph on this well-deserved award!


Rackettes vs Full Metal Rackets

Line 1: 6-3 6-4 (winner: Rackettes)

Line 2: 6-2 6-2 (winner: Rackettes)

Overall Winner: Rackettes

Baseliners vs Venus Angels

Line 1: 2-6 3-6 (winner: Venus Angels)

Line 2: 3-6 2-6 (winner: Venus Angels)

Overall Winner: Venus Angels


Slice Girls vs Bulldogs

Line 1: 7-5 6-3 (winner: Slice Girls)

Line 2: 3-6 6-4 0-1 (7-10) (winner: Bulldogs)

Overall Winner: Slice Girls

Team Kirk vs The Aces

Line 1: 6-3 6-4 (winner: Team Kirk)

Line 2: 6-3 6-1 (winner: Team Kirk)

Overall Winner: Team Kirk

Inter Club Ladies Doubles League (ILDL), series 19 Results

Well done to our ladies who played in Week 4 of the ILDL league. Some tough matches for our Division A ladies, but they put up a good fight nonetheless. Congratulations to Rackets for winning their Division B match against JBH.

Division A

Rackets 1 vs 360 Safa

Line 1: 6-0 6-7 8-10  (winner: 360 Safa)

Line 2: 3-6 4-6 (winner: 360 Safa)

Overall winner: 360 Safa

JHB vs Rackets 2

Line 1: 6-1 6-1 (winner: JBH)

Line 2: 6-1 6-3 (winner: JBH)

Overall winner: JBH

Division B

Rackets vs JBH

Line 1: 6-1 6-2 (winner: Rackets)

Line 2: 6-3 6-7 5-10 (winner: JBH)

Overall winner: Rackets

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