Weekly Newsletter – 27th May 2021

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We are delighted to bring you all the latest news from Rackets Academy.  Find out our Mrs Miyagi’s Players of the Week and get results from the UTR Under 16 Singles Tournament last weekend. We have results from  our Mrs Miyagi’s league matches last week and an interview with our Mrs Miyagi’s League Player, Courtly Winter. Check out our Rule and Tip of the Week from Coach Mariano. See below for more information on our Junior Indoor Programme catering for kids of all ages…Read on!

Junior Indoor Programme

We are excited to offer our fully air-conditioned indoor mini tennis courses throughout the week at our Madinat Arena venue. With 3 tennis courts, 2 padel courts, plus a mini-red and an orange court, we have a programme for kids of all ages:

  • Mini Red –  4-8 years
  • Orange –  8-9 years
  • Green – 10-11 years

Our classes run Monday through to Thursday: Red – 4pm, Orange – 5pm, Green – 6pm. Friday and Saturday:  Red – 9am, Orange – 10am, Green – 11am.

Featuring shorter courts, lower nets, smaller rackets and soft, low-bouncing balls, Mini Tennis provides the perfect introduction to tennis for young children. There are three stages of Mini Tennis; Red, Orange and Green – each with their own court size and ball-type. This tailored approach enables players to develop vital skills and techniques at an early age, Rackets academy have produced elite performance players for 8 years using this system. For more information or to sign your child up for lessons,  contact coach Dean on 050 359 5967.

Mrs Miyagi’s Players of the Week

Congratulations to Lory Jones and Leila Arabi from Spinderellaswho are our Mrs Miyagi’s Ladies League Players of the Week. These lovely ladies were voted by the coaches for their amazing come back from 6-1 5-2 down to win their match, which was also integral if Spinderellas were to clinch the league title. Lory and Leila win a brunch for two at Mrs Miyagi’s Restaurant in Studio City. Well done ladies!

UTR Under 16 Boys & Girls Singles Tournament – Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the UTR Under 16 Boys and Girls Singles Tournament. Congratulations to Henri Kytosaari who beat Riya Matharoo 6-2 6-4 in the final last weekend. Well done to you both on a fantastic tournament!

Interview with Courtly Winter

This week’s interview is with our lovely Rackets Academy Ladies League Player, Courtly Winter.

1. Who is your favourite professional player (male & female)?

My all-time favourites are Andre Agassi and Monica Seles.  Current favs on tour are Nick Kyrgios and Kiki Mladnovic/Bethanie Mattek-Sands. 

2. Who is your favourite Rackets Academy Coach?

My favourite Rackets coach is George as I really love the drills we do with the Rackettes/Spinderellas on Mondays.   I always go home with a smile- even when my heart rate is through the roof from cardio drills!

3. Why do you love tennis?

I love tennis as I hate the gym or running!   I love the cerebral aspect – just being able to hit the ball isn’t enough- you need to think and be strategic.   I love that it is a lifetime sport: my Nanna played every day until she was 84.   She lived until 102 years old and she credits tennis for keeping her mind and body in shape.

4. How did you get into tennis?

I first wanted to play as my Nanna let me stay up late to watch Wimbledon with her during a visit and I was mesmerised by McEnroe and his antics. 

5. How long have you been playing tennis for?

I played as a junior in Australia from the under 12s to the 18s and then moved to the USA to play college tennis in Georgia.    At age 21, I had a brain tumour and an acquired brain injury after collapsing in the tennis court that prevented me from doing … well most things, as I lost movement on my right side.   I had to relearn everything from writing to moving.  20 years later, in Dubai with much trepidation, I decided to pick up a racket again.  It is very tough not being able to play ‘properly’ but I am grateful that I have learned to get some basics back- and I am still alive!

6. List 3 things you like about Rackets Academy:

  1.  I love the people at Rackets!  Such lovely, lovely girls and coaches. 
  2. I love that there are programs/events/leagues for every level of play and age.
  3. The coaches genuinely seem happy to be working there- and that translates to them being happy on court.

Rule of the Week: Calls

Audible or visible calls. No matter how obvious it is to a player that an opponent’s ball is out, the opponent is entitled to a prompt audible or visible out call.

Coach Mariano’s Tip of the Week: The Overhead

“For the overhead, point to the ball with your free hand. There are a number of important benefits to using your free hand to point at the ball on an overhead. First, pointing at the ball helps you keep your body sideways before you make contact with the ball. Secondly, it helps you gauge where the ball is in the air so you can move to the ball. Finally, and most importantly, it will help you keep your head up when you make contact with the ball.…Good luck!“    

Mrs Miyagi’s Ladies League: Season 7 – W/c 16th May: Results

Well done to our B Team ladies who played last week. Congratulations to Spinderellas, Match Makers and Baseliners who won their matches. See scores below. Just one more week to go before the league ends and a champion is announced! Scores are very close… what an exciting season it’s been! Good luck ladies!

Rackettes vs Spinderellas:

Line 1: 2-6 6-4 7-10 (Winner: Spinderellas)

Line 2: 6-1 6-7 7-10 (Winner: Spinderellas)

Overall Winner: Spinderellas

Match Makers vs Bulldogs:

Line 1: 7-5 6-3 (Winner: Match Makers)

Line 2: 6-3 6-3 (Winner: Match Makers)

Overall Winner: Match Makers

Baseliners vs The Aces:

Line 1: 7-6 (7-5) 5-6 retired (Winner: Baseliners)

Line 2: 6-0 6-0 walkover (Winner: Baseliners)

Overall Winner: Baseliners

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