Weekly Newsletter – 29th February 2020

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Hope you’ve had a great week! Here’s all the latest news from Rackets Academy. Find out who our Player of the Week is and get results from week 5 of the ladies league. We have results from the Red Ball Tournament last weekend and a Rule and Tip of the Week from Coach Luis. Check out What’s New at the club…Read on! 

Player of the Week

Congratulations to our Player of the Week, Lourdes Dela Cruz. Lourdes receives this award for winning the super tie-break in her first ever match! Well done Lourdes on your fantastic performance!

What’s New?

We are excited to be hosting a visit from a Jordanian tennis academy this weekend. 4 junior players from Tennis Academy, in Amman, will play against our Rackets Academy elite players this weekend. We look forward to welcoming our guests…here’s to a great weekend on court!

Results from Red Ball Tournament

Well done to everyone who took part in our Red Ball Tournament at The Sofitel Hotel, The Palm last weekend. Congratulations to our Champion Samuel Consunni who beat Leo Hodgson 10-4  in the final!

Upcoming Tournaments

Check out our tournaments that are taking place over the next few weeks. To sign up, call 052 372 4224 TODAY or email register@racketsacademy.ae:

Fri 6th March – Green Ball Tournament, Rackets Academy, Motor City

Rule of the Week: Why is a dynamic warm up necessary?

A dynamic warm up is a way of preparing your body for exercise. As your body temperature increases you’ll loosen your joints and increase blood flow to your muscles, resulting in less stress on joints and tendons. Warmed up and well-lubricated joints prepare the body to execute sudden and/or explosive movements with ease. A warm up should be more than a quick stretch and a few laps around the court. Instead, you need to perform movements that you will use consistently throughout the tennis game. These specific movements will prepare you and will prevent injuries or problems associated with not warming up properly.

Coach Luis’ Tip of the Week: Exaggerate your follow through movement

“The majority of all players, no matter what sport they play, can improve by following through with their swing when they get nervous or if their opponent is in control of play and making them move around. Exaggerating your follow through will help your strokes. Don’t think about just hitting the ball. It’s important to MOVE YOUR FEET!!…Good luck!“

Rackets Academy Ladies League: Season 5

Well done to all the ladies who played in week 5 of the league, it was a quiet week for matches due to the mid-term break. Congratulations to Triple Shots who won their match. See scores below.

Division A

Triple Shots vs Baseliners

Line 1: 2-6 5-7 (winner: Baseliners)

Line 2: 6-1 6-2 (winner: Triple Shots)

Overall Winner: Triple Shots

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