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We hope everyone has had an amazing week. Middle of October already! Time really does fly when you’re playing tennis! This week we’re bringing you news from the U13s, U16s and Ladies Doubles league.

You’ve probably noticed our increased presence on social media. We now have Mhairi, a wonderful social media person on board so please interact with her and send her any great photos or videos that you would like us to share. Also, look out for some great competitions in the near future!


Chris Jovan Gubza and Yassin Elbahrawy have been slogging it out through the rounds and are due to play the final of the U16 tournament this weekend.

Also, back on the court this weekend Adam Morsy will play Omar Elbahrawy to decide the winner of the U12 tournament.

We have two events starting this weekend, the U18 Boys and Girls and the U14 Boys and Girls Tournaments. Registration is now closed.

 All the best to all players!

Registration is however now open for U13 Boys and Girls tournament which will be played on our courts 22nd and 23rd October. Please register here for U13.

Bahrain Tournament

Enzo Kahi has progressed to the quarter finals in his Singles tournament and has reached the semi finals with his partner Idhant Kastwar. Idhant is also through to the quarter finals and will play the tournament number 1 seed. In the girls division Larissa Brasil and Kira Malakhova are through to the semi finals. Good luck players with all your matches!

The Ladies League

Another great week of matches in the Rackets Academy Ladies Doubles League. Baseliners and Match Point had the closest match with just two games difference! Well done to Match Point who just pipped Baseliners to the win!

The Ladies League breaks for half term, but do not fear ladies because we are hosting a social, fun, breast cancer awareness tournament at our courts in Motor City. Please let your team captains know if you would like to participate. If you are not a member of a team you are still welcome. Please get in touch to register your spot by Saturday. Hope to see you on the courts!

For this event everyone is encouraged to get in the pink and wear your pink tennis clothes and accessories. It promises to be a relaxed and sociable mix around tournament and coffee/breakfast has been arranged afterwards at Studio One Hotel, Motor City.

We now have dedicated The Ladies League Instagram and Facebook pages. The pages will have all the photos and scores so please have a look and enjoy our new content.

We hope you like our new logo!

Sofitel Courts

Sofitel Courts are being refurbished and will be reopened at the beginning of the week. If you want to use them or courts at any of our other fabulous locations, they are bookable on the app.

Rule of the Week

Change of ends

The players shall change ends at the end of the first, third and every subsequent odd game of each set. The players shall also change ends at the end of each set unless the total number of games in that set is even, in which case the players change ends at the end of the first game of the next set. During a tiebreak game, players shall change ends after every six points.

Coach Kris Tip of the Week: Bodyweight

“You probably find yourself at times going ‘full-power’ on a shot, but you just don’t feel like it’s going as fast or strong as you’ve expected?

Most players are not used to putting their entire bodyweight on the shot. This is valid for every shot, be it groundstroke, volley or serve etc.

On your next session, try on every shot to put your entire bodyweight forward ( e.g. Weight on left foot for a forehand) and you can get a power increase of up to 20% if done properly…Good luck!“

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