Weekly Newsletter: 6th December 2018

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Hope you’ve had a great week. Here’s all the latest news from Rackets Academy… Find out who our Player of the Week is and how our ladies got on in the final week of the ladies league and who were the champions.  We have results from our Under 14’s Tournament and a Tip of the Week from Coach Jordan. Don’t forget to sign your kids up for the Christmas Tennis & Multi-Sports Camp running over the festive period and for the Orange Ball Tournament taking place this Friday…


Player of the Week

Congratulations to our Player of the Week, Thomas Eley. Thomas receives this award for his fantastic performance in the Under 14’s Tournament last weekend in which he made it through to his first finals. Amazing achievement Thomas, well done and keep up the great work!


Ladies League – results

So our ladies made it through 10 weeks of the ladies league! Well done to everyone and congratulations to Drop Shots who were the overall winners and to Full Metal Rackets who took second place. Thanks to everyone for taking part and we look forward to seeing you all in January for the start of the next season. Results from last week’s matches are below. Congratulations to Drop Shots, Movers & Full Metal Rackets who won their matches.

AR2: Victorious vs Springs: Drop Shots

Line 1: 2-6 1-6 (winner: Springs Drop Shots)

Line 2: 0-6 0-6 (winner: Springs Drop Shots)

Overall winner: Springs Drop Shots

MCRA: Baseliners vs MCRA: Movers

Line 1: 7-5 4-6 9-11 (winner: MCRA Movers)

Line 2: 0-6 1-6 (winner: MCRA Movers)

Overall winner: MCRA Movers

MCRA: Rackettes vs MCRA: Full Metal Rackets

Line 1: 3-6 6-7  (winner: MCRA Full Metal Rackets)

Overall winner: MCRA Full Metal Rackets


Results from U14s Tournament

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Under 14’s Tournament last weekend. Congratulations to champion Gabriel Chidiac who beat Thomas Eley 6-1 in the final and very well done to Thomas on reaching his first final J


Orange Ball Tournament: Friday 7th December – sign up today!

Our last tournament of the term is the Orange Ball Tournament taking place this Friday 7th December, 4pm at Rackets Academy, Motor City. To sign up, call 052 992 8595 TODAY or email register@racketsacademy.ae.


Christmas Tennis & Multi-Sports Kids Camp

Wondering how to keep  your kids entertained over the festive period? Well we have just the answer! Sign them up to our Christmas Tennis & Multi-Sports Camp where they can have fun, burn off some energy and hang out with other kids.

We’ll be running  the camps across 4 locations between 16th December and 3rd January:

  • Rackets Academy, Motor City
  • Fitness First, The Lakes
  • Fitness First, Town Centre
  • Al Furjan Club

For more information or to sign up, email register@racketsacademy.ae or call/WhatsApp on 052 992 8595 TODAY. Places are limited.


Coach Jordan’ Tip of the Week: Serving to a Target

“One characteristic of an effective server at any level, from a club player to a touring professional, is that he or she can accurately locate his or her serve to one of the 3 major targets in the service box. These targets are best described as the “ABC’s” of serving.

A: A stands for the alley or “out-wide” target, as it is sometimes referred to. This target is the third of the service box nearest the doubles alley. This is an effective target because it will draw the returner off the court and make for a more open shot on the next ball. The biggest drawback of this target is that it does open up more angles for your opponent.

B: B stands for the body target. This target is the middle third of the service box. This is one of the most under-utilized targets in the game. An effective body serve will “jam up” your opponent, meaning it will cut into their body and inhibit a full swing. The biggest con of this serve is that if the target isn’t hit just right the serve will be right to your opponent.

C: C stands for the center target. This target is the third of the service box nearest the center line. This target is effective because it takes the shortest distance from server to returner, which means a quick serve to this target can get the serve past your opponent. This also is a safer target because the serve will go over the lowest part of the net. The drawback of this serve is that it keeps your opponent in the middle of the court.

By successfully utilizing these 3 targets when serving, any player can hold their serve more comfortably and put more pressure on the returner. Good luck!”


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